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Code : 2017017C
Event Name : QSD PQSL Specialization Series 2017 (2) – Value Management
CPD Code : Formal Events
Speaker : Sr Thomas Wong
Thomas Wong is the Deputy Director of Beria Consultants Ltd. He has over 20 years of experience with Consultants and Contractors in handling pre-and-post contract quantity surveying duties for building, civil and mechanical & electricity distribution, fitting out works, design-and-construction, renovation and heritage projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Thomas is also an active Council Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Value Management and has facilitated and co-facilitated many value management and partnering workshops.
Event Date : 28/03/2017
Event Time : 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Divisional PQSL Hour(s) : 1.5
Venue : Surveyors Learning Centre, Room 1207, 12/F, Wing On Centre, 111 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Division : QSD
Closing Date : Please refer to "Remarks"
Fee : HK$120 for members, HK$200 for non-members (HK$30 walk-in surcharge on all prices listed)
Priority : Priority is given to QSD Associate Members and Probationers
Language : Cantonese supplemented by English
Details :

The purpose of the QSD PQSL 2017 is to help QSD probationers and Associate members to enrich the basic knowledge in quantity surveying practice and prepare for the APC examinations.  There shall be various series of PQSL events, namely Measurement, Procurement, Standard Form of Building Contract, Contract Administration and Specialization which cover various topics such as Measurement Techniques, Measurement of Building Works and Building Services Installations, Tendering, Report on Tenders, Variation and Post-Contract Cost Control, Payment Valuation and Final Accounts, Contractual Arrangement, Liquidated Damages and Extension of Time, Direct Loss and Expense Claims, Dispute Resolution, Liquidation and etc.


The coming events are:



CPD Code



17 Feb, 2017


QSD PQSL Specialization Series 2017 (1) – Review on Insurance Provisions from a Quantity Surveyor’s Perspective

Sr Kenny Lui

24 Feb, 2017


QSD PQSL Procurement Series 2017 (1) – Contractual Arrangement

Sr H Y Wan

13 Mar, 2017


QSD PQSL Contract Administration Series 2017 (3) – Shall We Talk : Battles between Quantities and Rates in Professional Practice

Sr Poleon Chan

17 Mar, 2017


QSD PQSL Contract Administration Series 2017 (2) – Payment Valuation and Final Account (From Consultant’s Perspective)

Sr Antony Man

28 Mar, 2017


QSD PQSL Specialization Series 2017 (2) – Value Management

Sr Thomas Wong

13 Apr, 2017


QSD PQSL Contract Administration Series 2017 (1) – Extension of Time and Liquidated Damages

Sr Allen Lai

21 Apr, 2017


QSD PQSL Procurement Series 2017 (2) – Strategies in Tendering

Sr Lavinia Lam

11 May, 2017


QSD PQSL Measurement Series 2017 (1) – Rules Highlights of SMM4 and Measurement Techniques

Sr Vivien Lee

27 Apr, 2017


QSD PQSL – Experience Sharing on the Role of Quantity Surveyor from the Perspective of Developer, Consultant and Contractor

Sr Christina Wong, Sr Brandy Lai and Sr Cindia Hui

23 May, 2017


QSD PQSL Measurement Series 2017 (2) – Measurement of Building Services

Sr Wilson Li

6 June, 2017


QSD PQSL Specialization Series 2017 (3) – Bond for Construction Contracts

Sr Wilson Li

27 Jul, 2017


QSD PQSL Contract Administration Series 2017 (4) – Variation and Post-contract

Sr Eric Y C Ting

19 May, 2017


QSD PQSL Contract Administration Series 2017 (5) – Report on Tenders and Letter of Acceptance

Sr Staw Wong

22 Jun, 2017


QSD PQSL Contract Administration Series 2017 (6) – How does a Contractor Control the Construction Cost?

Sr Jay T Y Mak



Remark :


NOT Eligible for CPD Hours

This event is recognised as the Divisional PQSL event and it accounts for 1.5 PQSL hours. Whether the event could be regarded as the PQSL event for other Division’s APC scheme or not shall be determined by the APC candidate’s respective Division. This event does not account for CPD hours.