DTZ Postgraduate Scholarship 2021 Entry

29 Dec, 2020

The DTZ Postgraduate Scholarship has been set up to encourage and sponsor talented qualified surveyors of the HKIS to pursue further studies overseas, and upon completion of studies to pursue his/her career in Hong Kong and contribute to the Hong Kong surveying profession. Over the past years, the Scholarships had been granted to Sr Winnie Yu, Sr Candy Cheung, Sr Walter Cheung, Sr Crystal Chau of the General Practice Division and Sr Pesire Lau and Sr Noa Chan of the Quantity Surveying Division.

Corporate members of HKIS are now invited to apply for the 2021 scholarship.

Deadline for application is 30 January 2021. For enquiry, please contact Ms. Judy Shiu at 2526 3679.

Details and Guidance Notes
Application Form (2021 entry)