The Release of HKIS BIM Contract Conditions


The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) today releases the Conditions of Contract for Building Information Modelling (BIM) “the HKIS BIM Contract Conditions” for use by practitioners and stakeholders of the Hong Kong construction industry.

While BIM appears to be a world-wide growing trend, local developers, consultants, contractors and subcontractors are concerned with their risks and liabilities when using BIM. In responding to this industrial need, the HKIS has prepared a set of standard BIM Contract Conditions for uses in conjunction with most local standard forms of consultant employment and contracting contract.

The HKIS BIM Contract Conditions set out the obligations, responsibilities and liabilities of the contracting parties in a contract or agreement where BIM is applied. It can be incorporated into existing professional services appointments and construction contracts either as special conditions of contract or supplemental agreement, and can be used by the employers, lead design consultants and their sub-consultants as well as the main contractors and their sub-contractors. The BIM Contract Conditions are drafted in simple and easy to understand language and can be applicable in a wide range of construction projects. By adopting the BIM Contract Conditions, the use of BIM will have a clear contractual basis in the construction projects. This will definitely have an added benefit for the further development of BIM in Hong Kong.

While the HKIS BIM Contract Conditions was initiated and drafted by the HKIS, it was reviewed and refined by the BIM Contract Alliance convened by the HKIS. Members of the Alliance include:-

Architectural Services Department
Association of Architectural Practices
Association of Consulting Engineers of Hong Kong
Construction Industry Council
Housing Department
The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Limited
The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
The Hong Kong Institute of Building Information Modelling
The Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers
The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

We would take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for the time and effort and, more importantly, the significant contributions of the representatives of the above organizations.

The publication of the HKIS BIM Contract Conditions is just a small milestone. With the growing use of BIM, digital and relevant technologies, the design and construction practices in the local construction industry will encompass rapid and beneficial changes. Likewise, the BIM Contract Conditions will also be expected to undergo an evolutionary process. Comments are most welcome to this publication for review and improvement. Please direct all comments to the HKIS.

This publication can be downloaded free of charge from the website of the HKIS at You are most welcome and encouraged to use the BIM Contract Conditions with amendments you may consider necessary to suit your specific project. The HKIS will appreciate if, in the use of the BIM Contract Conditions, you will acknowledge and give attribution that the BIM Contract Conditions were prepar ed by the HKIS in association with the BIM Contract Alliance.

BIM is currently under full swing development in Hong Kong. We will grow and step up with such development. We look forward to teaming up with interested parties in the further improvement and betterment of the BIM Contract Conditions. If you wish to know more about the BIM Contract Conditions, please contact Ms. Margaret Yung of the HKIS Secretariat at 2526 3679.

Sr Winnie Shiu
The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

Sr Raymond Kong
Chairman, Quantity Surveying Division
The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

22 April 2020