Code : 2023138
Event Name : [Cancelled] Case Sharing on Innovative application of Passive Cooling Materials, OpenBIM and OpenGIS for energy efficient operation of Cooling Towers
CPD Code : Formal Events
Speaker : 1) Dr. Martin Y. ZHU (Co-Founder of i2Cool Limited)
Dr. Martin Zhu, PhD graduate (supervisor: Dr. Edwin TSO) from the School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on understanding the fundamentals of heat transfer, energy conversion, and engineered materials. He strives to integrate theory and experiments to create innovative solutions for enhancing phase-changing, air cooling, dehumidifying, thermal management, thermal rectification, micro-droplet manipulation, and energy-efficient building technologies. Incubated by HK Tech 300 program, he and his team formed the startup, i2Cool, to commercialize their cooling technologies developed in the laboratory for energy saving. Empowered by the self-developed and ever-improving products, as well as fueled by the highly adaptive and long-term strategies, i2Cool successfully attracted interest from various sectors of society, creating a significant social impact by contributing to the goal of carbon neutrality.

2) Will Cheung (Director of Moebius)
Mr. Cheung is an experienced professional with over 8 years of expertise in BIM (MHKIBIM) (CCBC), and is the founder of Moebius Innovation, a company that specializes in providing cutting-edge IOT, IAQ, and BIM solutions.

Mr. Cheung's extensive experience in BIM has allowed him to efficiently streamline the construction process and enhance the accuracy of project planning. He is proficient in a wide range of BIM software applications and has experience working on projects of varying scales and complexities.

At Moebius Innovation, Mr. Cheung has led the development and implementation of innovative IOT, IAQ, and BIM solutions for clients across different industries. His company's solutions have helped clients improve their building systems' performance, increase energy efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

3) Ir Rocky Lau (Head of Building Solutions of EnerRight Intelligent Limited)
Ir Rocky Lau is an experienced and qualified system solutions professional who leads the Building Solutions team at EnerRight Intelligent Limited. He provides consulting and innovative building solutions for energy efficiency and sustainable development.

Ir Rocky Lau is also involved in various professional societies and holds multiple certifications in different fields, he is highly active in various professional society positions in the industry, including Vice Chairman of Executive Committee at Asia Institute of Intelligent Buildings, Technical Advisor at CE100 Hong Kong, and Committee Member of Energy Institute Hong Kong. He holds various professional qualifications in different areas, including MASHRAE, MCIBSE, MEI, MBSOMES, MHKIE, MHKICBIM, MInstMC, FAIIB, FHKCE, FIEAust, APEC Engineer, CEng, CPEng, IntPE, AEE CAP, PMI PMP, RCx Pro and REA.

In his presentation, he will share how iPaintAI can be applied in the property industry and how iPaintAI, OpenBIM and OpenGIS can enhance the operation of cooling towers.
Event Date : 2023-07-27
Event Time : 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Registration Closing Date : 2023-07-25
CPD Hour(s) : 1.5
Divisional PQSL Hour(s) : 1.5
Venue : By online media – ZOOM
Division : PFMD
Organizer : Property and Facility Management Committee
Fee : HK$150 for members; HK$210 for non-members
Priority : First-come-first-served
Language : Cantonese supplemented by English
Details :

According to HKGBC Retro Fitting Guidebook updated in January 2023, Passive Radiative Coat (i.e. iPaint) was applied first introduced and applied on roof that can irradiate heat to the atmosphere to reduce the overall thermal transfer value of the building in order to reduce energy consumption of the air-conditioning system. The speakers shared their recent innovative application of iPaint and how it helps improving cooling towers performance by integrating such green building product with other latest technologies like OpenBIM and OpenGIS.


Programme Rundown

7:00 p.m. ~ 7:04 p.m.  Welcome and Opening Speech (by Moderator)

7:05 p.m. ~ 7:34 p.m.  Introduction to Passive Radiative Materials (by Dr. Martin Y.ZHU ) 

7:35 p.m. ~ 7:49 p.m.  Introduction to OpenBIM and OpenGIS for facilities Management

7:50 p.m. ~ 8:24 p.m.  Case Sharing on innovative application of iPaint, iPaintAI, BIM and GIS

8:25 p.m. ~ 8:30 p.m.  Q&A

Remarks :


Payment : HKD 150
Face-to-Face/Zoom : By Zoom