Chairman Message

The BSD Council continues to work hard in four key areas in March 2024 and beyond. Here are their highlights.

1. The BSD has worked with the BD to voluntarily inspect the external walls of 100 “3-Nil” older buildings. The inspection's objective is to reduce the number of falling concrete/rendering incidents by conducting preliminary inspections of certain older building and identify the external defects that pose an obvious danger to the public.

Then it conveys these findings to the BD for follow-up. Over 70 qualified BD members and probationers volunteered their services for this exercise. A briefing session and inspections are scheduled for April-May.

2. The 18 Districts Building Maintenance talk and tour will commence soon. Its kickoff ceremony will be held on 19 May 2024 from 10:30 am-12:30 pm at Central Market. The aims of the talk are to promote building surveying professional services for building maintenance in Hong Kong and deliver a message on the importance of proper building maintenance to keep buildings safe and healthy. The BSD will also share tips on selecting the right consultants and contractors to avoid bid-rigging. It looks forward to seeing you at the ceremony...

Message from BSD Chairman – March 2024 (whole message)