How Can We Help You?

Building Surveyor is a profession who has the identity by his name as "Surveyor of Buildings". A Building Surveyor's core expertise is as described below:

Survey of New Buildings
- building control in Buildings Department
- technical advice on legal restrictions, such as Buildings Ordinance, Town Planning and Land Leases
- development consultancy and project monitoring in joint venture developments and on behalf of project financiers
- project management during development stage

Survey of Existing Buildings
- building maintenance management (both in the private and public sectors)
- diagnosis of building defects as ?Building Doctor?
- building safety inspections
- fire safety inspections
- refurbishment and renovation
- licence application
- fire insurance application
- measurement surveys
- facilities management
- building surveys prior to purchase or arising from building disputes
- expert witness and arbitration
- advice on occupational requirements and spatial planning
- management of fitting-out work for residential building, office, commercial building and Others

Building Surveyors in private practice are involved in all stages of the development process from inception to completion. We are available to provide tailor-made services for employers engaging in building development.

Professional Building Surveyors are qualified by examination and practical experience. We uphold the stringent professional standards of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, which requires a high level of service and efficiency as well as compliance with a strict code of professional conduct. 

Profile of Employment

Building Surveyors are employed both in the private and public sectors or engaged in private practices serving employers of different concerns.

Government departments and quasi-government agencies:
- Buildings Department
- Maintenance Branch, Housing Department
- Property Services Branch, Architectural Services Department
- Hospital Authority
- Mass Transit Railway Corporation
- Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation
- Urban Renewal Authority
- Home Affairs Department
- Hong Kong Housing Society 
- Hong Kong Institute of Education and Others

Developers and others:
- major and other property developers
- Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, English School Foundation, Academy for Performing Arts and Others

Private practices:
Building Surveyors are employed in local private practices and major international property consultants offering comprehensive building surveying services. A list of firms offering the services could be obtained from the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors. 

Whenever there is a building need, be it of new building or existing building, a Building Surveyor will be able to help finding a satisfactory solution.

Q & A

Followings are some of the building problems that you may encounter in your everyday life. From the following Q & A, you will find out how the building surveyors can help you to solve your problems. 

Q: I am the owner of a shop. I want to renovate it and rent out for other purposes. What are the procedures?

A: Renovate the existing building or upgrade the facilities is not a simple task. It must comply with the relevant statutory requirements such as the Fire Service Regulations and the Buildings Ordinance. Building surveyors can give advice on construction projects and costs, and we are familiar with the application procedures of various licenses. 

Q: My building is over ten years old. Recently, the owners incorporation has suggested that the building requires maintenance and inspection. We don't have such experience before. What should we do?

A: You require the advice from the professional building surveyors. The degree of deterioration of every building is different, so the maintenance items and costs are also different. You can save time and energy by hiring the building surveyors to inspect the fire safety and building structure. We can prepare a list of items that need maintenance and keep on monitoring the project for you. 

Q: I want to purchase a commercial flat and a house for investment purpose, but I don't know whether the definition of saleable area provided is accurate or not. Where can I seek professional advice?

A: One of the professional scopes of building surveyors is measuring the building. You can seek advice from the building surveyors to avoid construction disputes. Both the building area and saleable area can be clearly defined with professional surveying service. We also participate in decoration project and building facility management. So you can leave all the jobs to us and don't need to worry about that.