Property and Management

In a society of rising user expectations, good quality and efficient professional management services are essential elements to sustain and enhance the value of property. General Practice Surveyors look after the economic performance of client's property portfolio in relation to its management. We formulate, implement and advise owners committees or landlord on policies and programmes in respect of building management, maintenance and improvement. We initiate situations of refurbishment, and advise on financial viability of major renovation and redevelopment.

General Practice Surveyors have profound knowledge on land administration and land control. We monitor all types of developments on leased land. Being the proficient property players, we take care of most tenancy administration works in property management. On behalf of the landlord, we manage tenant occupancy and ancillary amenities (including any commercial lettings); negotiate with tenants on grant, surrender, rent review, renewal of lease, termination and re-letting of premises. We conduct rental assessment, prepare tenancy agreements, leases or licenses (including surrender and renewal), rent collection and accounting, recovery of arrears and possession (including attendance at Court or Tribunals). We also prepare management budget, calculation of service charges, valuation of property and handle handover and takeover procedures of premises.

Furthermore, we advise on planning of tenant mix and analyze sales performance in case of shopping center management. We act for the clients to certify layout drawings and designs submitted by tenants, giving advice and providing clients with technical viability report.

As the property managers, we assess tenants' accommodation requirements and administer routine management services including security control, fire precautions, communication systems, emergency management, etc. We also tackle management dispute, give advice on interpretation of relevant ordinances and case law in relation to property management and to ensure the premises complied with government regulations. We are responsible for the enforcement of Deed of Mutual Covenant and tenancy conditions. Besides, we maintain good public relation with landlord, tenants, residents, merchants associations, owner incorporations, mutual aid committees and government departments. We also participate in tenant consultation, and liaise with social services and other relevant agencies.