Quiz to LS



Q.1 Which government department is responsible for cadastral survey in HK?    
A. Architectural Services Department
B. Buildings Department
C. Lands Department
D. Land Registry

Q.2 When was the Land Survey Ordinance (Cap. 473) enacted?    
A. 1985
B. 1990
C. 1995
D. 2000
Q.3 Which of the following is the oldest legal title map in the N.T.?    
A. A Sheet
B. B Sheet
C. Cad-Svy Sheet
D. D.D. Sheet
Q.4 Soon after the D.D. survey completed in 1903, how many Demarcation Districts were there in N.T.?    
A. 447
B. 477
C. 563
D. 556
Q.5 When was the survey of D.D. lots started after China had granted the lease of the N.T. to Britain ?    
A. 1894
B. 1899
C. 1904
D. 1921
Q.6 Who can carry out land sub-division survey under the Land Survey Ordinance (Cap. 473)?    
A. Authorized Land Surveyors
B. Registered Professional Surveyors
C. (A) and (B)
D. Any surveyors

Q.7 What was the purpose of the D.D. survey carried out by the British-HK Government in the late 1890's?    
A. To map the terrain
B. To survey the vegetation
C. To collect tax
D. To construct roads

Q.8 At which Government office can you check out the boundary of your land parcel?    
A. District Survey Office
B. District Planning Office
C. Land Administration Office
D. District Office

Q.9 Due to what nature of Earth is geodetic surveying needed?    
A. Climate
B. Magnetic field
C. Spheroidal shape of Earth
D. Gravitation

Q.10 What does geodetic surveying deal with?    
A. Establishing horizontal reference network
B. Establishing vertical reference network
C. Measuring Earth crustal deformation
D. All of above

Q.11 What do you think the positional accuracy can a GPS-watch generally achieve?    
A. cm level
B. dm level
C. m level
D. None of the above

Q.12 Do you know how high is the positional accuracy given by an expert-type GPS receiver used by land surveyors after doing some data processing?    
A. 1mm to 10mm
B. 1cm to 10cm
C. 50cm to 100cm
D. 1m to 100m

Q.13 Which one is the function of a trigonometrical station (a pillar of about 1m tall) erected up the hill ?    
A. For decoration
B. To detect earth movement
C. As a horizontal reference point
D. To counteract nightning

Q.14 By using how many years's tidal information was the mean sea level of Hong Kong derived?    
A. 5 years
B. 11 years
C. 15 years
D. 19 years

Q.15 What does the Hong Kong Principal Datum (HKPD) mean?    
A. A reference point
B. A vertical reference level
C. A survey area
D. No idea!

Q.16 Where can we obtain the coodinates of Urban Survey Marks as we see on the streets?    
A. Post Office
B. District Survey Office
C. District Office
D. Land Registry

Q.17 Which grid system is currently used in Hong Kong?    
A. HK1963
B. HK1976
C. HK1980
D. HK2000

Q.18 What does a "benchmark" denote in surveying?    
A. To mark a known height level
B. To mark the land boundary
C. To mark the progress of works
D. To mark the name of the landowner

Q.19 Which map projection is currently used in Hong Kong for the HK80 Grid System?    
A. Cassini
B. Miller Cylindrical
C. Lambert Conformal Conic
D. Transverse Mercator

Q.20 How long does 1cm on a 1:1000 map represent on ground?    
A. 0.1m
B. 1m
C. 10m
D. 100m

Q.21 What does a cartographer do in making a map?    
A. Design of symbology, colour scheme and all other graphics.
B. Classification of thematic data
C. Generalization of survey data
D. All of above

Q.22 Which of the following type will be a possible presentation of spatial elements?
A. Point
B. Line
C. Polygon
D. All of the above

Q.23 Which of the following type of coordinates that is measured over a flat map converted from the ellipsoidal earth?    
A. Geographic Coordinates
B. Projection Coordinates
C. Ground Coordinates
D. Map Coordinates

Q.24 Which of the following description is inappropriate for "Resolution"?    
A. Smallest gap / distance represented
B. Determined by spacing of a resolution grid
C. Determined by the size of a pixel
D. Storage size of a geographic feature

Q.25 What are three primary colours?    
A. Blue, Green and Red
B. Yellow, Cyan and Magenta
C. Black, White and Blue
D. Red, Green and Yellow

Q.26 Which of the following Chinese city is NOT shown on the map "Hong Kong in its Regional Setting    
A. Guangzhou
B. Shanghai
C. Dongguan
D. Macau

Q.27 Which of the following item is NOT shown on a nautical chart?    
A. Water current
B. Water depth
C. Buoy
D. Coastal facility

Q.28 What is the major credit of GIS over CAD?    
A. Graphical interface
B. Data layering
C. Spatial analysis
D. Data editing

Q.29 When did Lands Department begin the digitization of maps and land information using GIS technologies?    
A. 1986
B. 1989
C. 1991
D. 1994

Q.30 Which of the following is an example of GIS application?    
A. To analyze the trend of hill fires
B. To analyze the change in land use
C. To find out the shortest path for a vehicle
D. All of above

Q.31 What does geographic information system (GIS) software contain?    
A. A database of both geographical and textual data
B. A tool for data editing and query
C. A graphical display
D. All of above

Q.32 In land surveying, what does GIS stand for?    
A. Geological investigation system
B. Geographic infrastructure service
C. Geographic information system
D. Geodetic information system

Q.33 What is the functionality of GIS for surveyors?    
A. Integrate a variety of data sources and types
B. Maintain and manage inventories
C. Visualize data and related information
D. All of the above

Q.34 What is Metadata?    
A. Information about data
B. Data format for UNIX
C. Data format for Arc/Info
D. Graphical data

Q.35 What is topology (generally means to a land surveyor)?    
A. Spatial relationship between objects
B. Information about topographic features
C. Information about relief
D. Information about elevation

Q.36 Which of the following Function is accessory to Data Analysis Operation?    
A. Output and visualization
B. Data manipulation
C. Overlay
D. Management

Q.37 GIS is a computer-based system that provides which of the following capability?    
A. Data input and output
B. Data retrieval and storage
C. Data analysis and manipulation
D. All of the above

Q.38 Which of the following is NOT an engineering survey activity?    
A. Geological investigation
B. Calculation of earthworks quantity
C. Monitoring of settlement of ground
D. Setting out of construction design

Q.39 Which of the following is the duty of a land surveyor in a construction site?    
A. Setting out
B. Earthworks computation
C. Monitoring of structure
D. All of the above

Q.40 Which of the following is NOT the duty of a land surveyor in the construction of roads?    
A. Design of road alignment
B. Setting out of design
C. Checking the as-built position and level
D. Design of road surfacing material

Q.41 Which of the following is NOT the duty of a land surveyor in the construction of a housing estate?    
A. Making site plans
B. Certifying building plans
C. Checking the level of bore piles
D. Checking the verticality of a building

Q.42 Which of the following service is not provided by a land surveyor working in a railway project?    
A. Directing a tunnelling blasting machine
B. Measuring track defects
C. Setting out railway construction works
D. Deformation monitoring of above- and underground structures

Q.43 By what principle does sounding survey work?    
A. Echo effect of acoustic wave
B. Reflection of laser
C. Light deflection
D. Doppler's Effect

Q.44 How many tide gauges are currently set up in Hong Kong?    
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 14

Q.45 What is the average tidal range in Victoria Harbour?    
A. 0.5m
B. 1m
C. 1.5m
D. 2m

Q.46 Which of the following instrument can measure the depth of seabed?    
A. Theodolite
B. Chain
C. Echo sounder

Q.47 What of the following is the task of a hydrographic surveyor?    
A. To measure water depth
B. To measure water flow
C. To explore sub-strata resources
D. All of above

Q.48 When does spring tide (maximum tidal range) occur?    
A. New and full moon
B. First and last quarter moon
C. Every first day of the month
D. Every last day of the month

Q.49 What flag will be raised on a vessel when performing a hydrographic survey in the harbour?    
A. Red cross on white
B. Blue star on white
C. Blue star on yellow
D. Black spot on yellow

Q.50 Which of the following construction activity involves a hydrographic surveyor?    
A. Construction of Island Eastern Corridor
B. Reclamation of Tseung Kwan O
C. Site formation of Chek lap Kok Airport
D. All of above

Q.51 When was aerial surveying by ballons and kites invented?    
A. 1600's
B. 1700's
C. 1800's
D. 1900's

Q.52 Which historical event first bloomed the use of aerial surveys?    
A. Russian Revolution
B. World War I
C. World War II
D. Vietnam War

Q.53 Which of the following is the application of remote sensing?    
A. Mapping
B. Earth resources monitoring
C. Weather forecast
D. All of the above

Q.54 Which of the following can be applied to remote sensing?    
A. Light
B. Infrared radiation
C. Microwave
D. All of the above

Q.55 Which of the following is the application of terrestial photogrammetry in Hong Kong?
A. Monitoring of civil structures
B. Preservation of Murray House
C. Construction of the Buddha Statue on Lantau Island
D. All of the above

Q.56 When was the first photogrammetric survey for mapping purpose carried out in Hong Kong?    
A. 1945
B. 1952
C. 1963
D. 1976

Q.57 Which of the following is NOT the application of aerial photos? 
A. Generating digital terrain model
B. Land use monitoring
C. A record of time
D. Measurement of water depth

Q.58 Which of the following is considered as a "general map"?    
A. Land boundary plan
B. Navigation chart
C. Thematic map
D. Topographic map

Q.59 What is usually included in a topographic map?    
A. Relief
B. Road/footpath
C. Landmark
D. All of above

Q.60 What is the largest scale of topographic maps produced by Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department?    
A. 1: 1 000
B. 1 : 5 000
C. 1 : 20 000
D. 1 : 50 000

Q.61 Which of the following people is NOT the user of a topographic map?    
A. Land administrator
B. Coxswain
C. Hiker
D. Urban planner

Q.62 What are the components in a four dimensions system?    
A. X, Y, Z and Time
B. East, South, West and North
C. Dimension, Direction, Delineation and Degree
D. Latitude, Longitude, Height and Depth

Q.63 Which of the following is the application of digital maps?    
A. Vehicle navigation, when used with GPS
B. Query of locations of facilities like buildings and restaurants
C. Planning of ultility lines
D. All of the above

Q.64 What is the approximate number of 1:1000 survey sheets (topographic maps) published by Lands Department that cover the whole territories?    
A. 1000
B. 1500
C. 2000
D. 3000

Q.65 What is the number of 1:20000 survey sheets (topographic maps) published by Lands Department that cover the whole territories?    
A. 4
B. 12
C. 16
D. 17

Q.66 Where was surveying originated?    
A. Greece
B. Egypt
C. China
D. India

Q.67 When was HKIS founded?    
A. 1898
B. 1984
C. 1995
D. 2002

Q.68 Up to December 2020, what is the approximate number of professional land surveyors in HKIS?    
A. 100
B. 200
C. 300
D. 400

Q.69 What is the total land area of HKSAR? (choose the closest)    
A. 100 sq km
B. 1000 sq km
C. 10 000 sq km
D. 100 000 sq km

Q.70 In the old days, what did a "Tau Chung 斗種 " measure?  
A. Area
B. Length
C. Volume
D. Pressure

Q.71. In the old days, what did a "chain" measure?    
A. Area
B. Length
C. Volume
D. Pressure

Q.72 What is the major role of a land surveyor?    
A. Measure land and seabed
B. Define land boundary
C. Set out land parcels
D. All of above

Q.73 Which of the following activity is NOT involved in land surveying?    
A. Topographic surveying and digital mapping
B. Land information management
C. Photogrammetric surveying
D. Building maintenance surveying

Q.74 In 1903, how many boundary stones were erected to mark out the boundaries of the "City of Victoria"?    
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

Q.75 Today, how many boundary stones of the "City of Victoria" survive?    
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

Q.76 When was the first land sale on Hong Kong Island after Cpt. Charles Ellit landed Hong Kong?    
A. Jun 1841
B. Feb 1842
C. May 1842
D. Sep 1843

Q.77 Which batch of land lots were sold in the first land sale on Hong Kong Island?    
A. Inland Lots
B. Marine Lots
C. Defence Lots
D. Rural Building Lots

Q.78 Which of the following is the only freehold of land in Hong Kong?    
A. The Governer's House
B. The Government Headquarters
C. St. John Catheral
D. Tamar Base