Employment of PFM Surveyors

Professional Surveyors are employed in over 140 organizations spreading across 10 different sectors including the government, government agencies, public corporations, developers, property and facility management services providers, multi-national companies, international real estate consultants in the provision of in-house or consultancy services in strategic facility planning, asset management, space planning management, real estate design and management, operation and maintenance, property management, corporate real estate and related services. 

Members of the Property and Facility Management Division are employed by the following organizations:

A.S. Watson Group Ltd. Able Engineering Co. Ltd. Airport Authority
Alpha Bldg. Constn. Ltd. A-Plus Surveyors Ltd. Architectural Services Department
Bank of East Asia Ltd. Bank of China Group Ltd.. Beria Consultant Ltd.
Buildings Department Champion Int'l Mgt. Dev. Ltd. Charterwealth Prof Ltd
Che Luen Elect. Eng. Co. Ltd. Chen Hsong Holdg. Ltd. Cheung Kong (Holdg.) Ltd.
China Estate Constn. Engg. Ltd. China Overseas Pty Ltd China State Const. Engg. Ltd.
Chuang's Consortium Chun Ho Engg. Co. Ltd. Chung Shek Ent. Co. Ltd.
Citic Pacific Ltd. Citic Capital Ltd. City University of Hong Kong
Clifford Investment Co. Ltd CLP Power Ltd. Construction Industry Training Auth.
Cornes World Co. Ltd. CP Land Mgt. Ltd. Crafer Dillon Surveyors Ltd.
Creative Pty Services Ltd. Crosby Pty Mgt Ltd. Dah Sing Bank Ltd.
David C Lee Surveyors Ltd. Davis Langdon & Seah Ltd. DBS Bank (HK) Ltd.
Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man Dickson Constn. Co. Ltd. DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Ltd.
DTZ DTL Project Services Ltd. Dudley Surveyors Ltd. Eastpoint PM Serv. Ltd.
EC Harris (HK) Ltd. English Schools Foundation GCA/Global City PM Ltd.
Giordano Ltd. Goldrich Planners & Surv. Ltd. Government Property Agency
HK Baptist University Hang Seng Bank Ltd. Harriman Leasing Ltd.
Henderson Land Development Ltd. Hip Hing Constn. Co. Ltd. HK CSL Ltd.
HK Disneyland Mgt Ltd. HK Housing Society HK Land Ltd.
HK Polytechnic University HK Science & Technology Parks Hong Yip Services Ltd.
Hospital Authority Housing Department Hsin Chong Constn. Ltd.
Hung Yip (HK) Engg. Co. Ltd. Imperial Parking (HK) Ltd. Integral Services Ltd.
ISG Asia (HK) Ltd. Jia Zhao Ye Prop (Shenzhen) Ltd. Jones Lang LaSalle Ltd.
Kai Shing Mgt Service Ltd. KC Surveyors Ltd. KCRC
KCRC - West Rail KL Partnership Ltd. Lands Department
Lawson David & Sung Surv. Ltd. LCH (Asia Pacific) Surv. Ltd Lee Mark Dev. Consult. Ltd.
Levett & Bailey C. Surv. Ltd. Liu Chong Hing PM Ltd. LT Mgt. Serv. Ltd.
Man Hing Prop. Mgt. Midland Surv. Ltd. Mott Connell Ltd.
MTR Corp. Ltd. Multiple Surveyors Ltd. New Town Proj. Mgt. Ltd.
Northcroft HK Ltd. Open University of Hong Kong Pacific Century Premium Ltd.
Palmer & Turner Arch. Ltd. Paul Y Management Ltd Property One Ltd
Prudential Surv. Int'l Ltd. Pypun EPC Projects Ltd. Rating & Valuation Department
Ray On Constn. Co. Ltd. Raymond Chan Surv. Ltd. RHL Surveyors Ltd.
Ryoden/ Parkland Salvation Army Samson Wong & Associate Ltd.
Savills PM Ltd. Savills Pty Mgt Ltd Savills Realty Ltd
Shanghai Shimao Group SHK Real Est. Ag. Ltd. Shun Tak Pty Mgt Ltd
Shun Tak Real Est. Ltd. Sino Estates Mgt Ltd. Shui On Property Management Ltd.
Stephen J.Y. Chan Surv. Ltd. Strongwill & Bldg. Consul. Ltd. Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Ltd.
Swire Properties Ltd. Synergis Mgt. Serv. Ltd. Tactful Building Co Ltd.
Tai Sang Land Dev. Ltd. Tak Shing Const. Co. Ltd. The HK Society for the Aged
The HK Institute of Education The HK Jockey Club Thomas Tsang Surv. Ltd.
TLS & Associates Ltd. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals University of Hong Kong
Urban Property Mgt. Ltd. Urban Renewal Authority Vigers Bldg. Consult. Ltd.
Vocational Training Council Wan Chung Constn. Ltd. Wealth Gate Arc.& Assoc. Ltd.
Wharf Ltd. Widnell Ltd. Woo & Assoc. Ltd.
Zeppelin Prop. Dev. Ltd. - -


Disclaimer: This list will change from time to time and nothing in this list represents the Institute's endorsement or individual companies or bodies agreement to the listing.
(As at 1 September 2005)