Procurement Methods

The quantity surveyor has the expertise, knowledge and tools required in the selection of the "right" contractors and suppliers for any given project. 

No two projects are the same. Most major projects (and many smaller ones) are individual challenges and need individual solutions.

The most common method of procurement is through competitive tendering based on a variety of forms of contract and options. The bills of quantities prepared by professional quantity surveyors have been widely used to form the basis of tendering. During construction, bills of quantities are also a crucial element in effective cost control as well as the basis of valuation of variations. 

On occasions, the situation may warrant other forms of tendering methods and contractual arrangements. These include design and build, guaranteed maximum price, construction management, prime cost contract and cost plus, just to name a few. The quantity surveyor will provide advice on the best choice of contractual arrangement to suit the circumstances of the individual project.