Construction Law Articles

Basic Principles

Accepting a Tender in Knowledge of Errors, Vol. 10(5)a, Jan 2001

The Dangers of Withdrawing a Tender, Vol. 7(2), Feb 1998


Defective Works

Defective Work - Minimising the Problems, Vol. 10(10)b, Nov 2001

Who Bears the Cost of Investigating for Defects, Vol. 9(7), Aug 2000

Liability for Materials Specified in Bills of Quantities, Vol. 8(5), May 1999


Progress and Completion

PC/OP/CC, Vol. 10(7)b. Aug 2001

Programming to Complete Early - the Ramifications, Vol. 9(3), Apr 2000

The Meaning of Completion, Vol. 7(11), Nov 1998


Measurement and Bills of Quantities

Destroying the Purpose of Bills of Quantities, Vol. 10(8), Spet 2001

Civil Engineering Measurement Disputes Revisited, Vol. 10(2), Feb 2001

Civil Engineering Measurement Disputes, Vol. 9(8), Sept 2000



Fair Valuations, Vol. 9(9), Oct 2000

The Final Chapter, Vol. 9(6)b, Jul 2000

Valuing Variations - The Applicability of Bill Rates, Vol. 9(5), Jun 2000

Henry Boot Construction Ltd Alstom Combined Cycles Ltd - A Most Important Case, Vol. 8(7), Jul 1999

The Meaning of “Variation”

The Meaning of "Extra over", Vol 8(3), Mar 1999

Unrealistic Rates in Bill of Quantities, Vol. 8(1), Jan 1999


Insurance and Bond

Bonds, Vol. 10(11)b, Dec 2001


Liquidated Damages and Extension of Time

Held to Ransom, Vol. 10(1), Jan 2001

Extending the Time for Completion, Vol. 9(4), May 2000

Liquidated Damages - Some General Principles, Vol. 10(4), May 2001


Disruption Claims

Notice Provisions - The Saga Continues, Vol. 10(10)a, Nov 2001

Notice Provisions - A Change in Attitude?, Vol. 10(9)a, Oct 2011

A Formula for Success, Vol. 10(6)a, Jul 2001

Conditions Precedent, Vol. 10(6)b, Jul 2001

Quantum Meruit Claims, Vol. 9(11), Dec 2000

Is the Cost of Preparing a Claim Recoverable?, Vol. 9(1), Jan 2000

Can a Contractor Claim for Loss of Profit on Omitted Works?, Vol. 8(10), Oct 1999

Financing Charges, Vol. 8(9), Sept 1999

A Question of Interest, Vol. 8(8), Aug 1999

The Calculation of Head Office Overheads, Vol. 7(9), Sept 1998

Should Overheads in all Variations be Deducted from Loss & Expense Claims?, Vol. 7(8), Aug 1998

Global Claims - The Current Position, Vol. 7(7), Jul 1998

The Importance of Giving Notice, Vol. 7(3), Mar 1998


Final Certificate

Conclusiveness of the Final Certificate, Vol. 10(3), Apr 2001

How Final is the Final Certificate?, Vol. 9(2), Mar 2000

Beware of Cheques given in " Full and Final Settlement" , Apr 1998


Named and Nominated Sub-Contractors

Nominated or Named?, Vol. 10(5)b, Jun 2001

Pay When Paid Provisions, Vol. 8(2), Feb 1999

Default of Nominated Sub-Contractors, Vol. 7(6), Jun 1998


Arbitration, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Know Your Expert Witness - But Don't Know Him Too Well, Vol. 10(11)a, Dec 2001

Mediation - Some Basic Principles, Vol. 10(7)a, Aug 2001

Contingency Fee Agreements - Valid in Arbitrations?, Vol. 8(6), Jun 1999

The Difficulties of being an Expert Witness, Vol. 7(5), May 1998



Quantity Surveyors as Project Managers, Vol. 9(10), Nov 2000