Contact No. : 2507 8303
E-mail : [email protected]
Professional Qualification(s) : MHKIS (BS) (BS/PFM 1983)
HKSAR Statutory Registrations : RPS(BS) (BSXA8004 93)
AP(Surveyors) (AP (S) 5/93)
Registered Inspector(BS) (RI (S) 5/93)
Other Relevant Professional Qualifications : Professional Member of the Institution of structural Engineers since November 1990, Chartered Engineer of the Engineering Council since April 1991, Professional Member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors since July 1991, Registered Professional Engineer (Structural) since September 1993, Authorized Person (List of Engineers) since March 1994, Professional Member of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers since May 1995
Current Employment (Post/Title) : Prudential Surveyors Int'l Ltd (CEO)